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Samsung GT-E1232B User Lock Read Done By octopus Box

How to unlock Samsung GT-E1232B, Imie Repair Solution
Platform: Samsung Swift
Selected model: GT-E1232B
Selected port: COM3
Baud rate: 115200
Please, connect phone to UART cable, insert battery and press power button for 3 seconds.
Phone found.
Sending preloader...
Preloader send successfully
Reading flash memory parameters..
Setting baudrate..
Sending mainloader...
Mainloader send successfully
Searching patch area, please wait...
Firmware already patched.
Rebooting phone
Phone in TAT mode.
Reading info, please wait...
Phone IMEI A: 35175905626055
Phone IMEI B: 35176005626055
SW version: E1232BJPM
Bluetooth MAC: 647791EE2F20
Phone SN : R21D16ZB4D
Reading codes...
FREZEE: 97359870
NET LOCK: 00000000
Subset LOCK: 00000000
SP LOCK: 00000000
CP LOCK: 00000000
SIM LOCK: 25519877
Activa LOCK: 00000000
User LOCK: 12616004