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Telkomsel Acquired 620K 4G LTE Subscribers

Since officially release their 4G LTE 900MHz service back in late 2014, Telkomsel, Indonesia's biggest GSM operator have now 620.000 4G subscribers.

Currently, the operator itself has more than 140 million subscribers, nationwide. Eventhough the number is quite small, but the growth is good. The company targets 2 million 4G subscribers until the end of 2015.

To support the service, Telkomsel already have more than 1000 4G BTS all over Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, and Bali. This week, they are expanding to Makassar.

For the customers, Telkomsel also launches Telkomsel 4G LTE Carnival evant. Here, the user can buy 4G LTE smartphone from LG, Samsung and Sony with a special price, up to IDR 2,2 million cash back.

For current Telkomsel subscribers, they dont have to buy a new 4G SIM cards. They only need to switch their SIM cards with USIM at the nearest Telkomsel Grapari for free. After that, they can enjoy the 4G LTE network on those cities.