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Free Phone Credits from Mobile Performance Meter Application

Everybody likes free stuff, correct? When it comes to free phone credits, you can get Free Phone Credits from Mobile Performance Meter Application. No worries, the app is free to download from Google Play Store. You don't need to do anything, just let it run on the background for a few months, and then you get your phone credits. For free.

After you download, install and join the system, you will get "Meter Points" every day. Just use your phone like usual, and after you get a certain points, you can exchange them with the phone credits. There is no ads. No videos to watch. Nothing to click on. If you're lucky, you will be asked to fill some survey and received more Meter Points. Sounds like too good to be true, right? But this one is!

So, how to claim your free phone credits? Here's my personal experience:

- Open the Mobile Performance Meter app

- On the main page, you can see how much is your current balance. For example, my balance was 670 Meter Points
- Tap on the Choose Amount and select the options. On this phone, I use XL, and since I only have 670 Meter Points, I can only get free Rp5.000. Tap on this option.
- Tap Redeem button
- Insert your e-mail address and then tap Finish
- You will see information that your phone credit is on the way

- The next day, yes I got the free phone credit is after about 19 hours later, I got my Rp5.000 free phone credits.
Just try it! Trust me on this one :)