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Best Virtual Reality Applications for Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard, the cheapest version of Oculust Rift is gaining popularity in Indonesia. It provides 3D, virtual reality experience at the price of as cheap as 3 US dollars, or about Rp40.000. Of course the experience is not the best one, but for that price, it really is interesting.

If you want to try the VR apps, here is some of the good one that you can try. Of course, it's free and available in the Google PlayStore.

Zombie Shooter VR
Currently, the latest version is v1.4. The app is made by Fibrum, and the size is 160MB. This is an action shooter game. You need to fight zombies and mutants with the provided weapons.

Crazy Swing VR

The latest version of the app is v1.4. The app is made by Fibrum, the download size is 105MB. "Riding" this app is much more intense compared to most of VR roller coaster app out there. You should try it yourself.

Highway Stunt Bike Riders VR

This app is only v1.0, made by App Teeka. It's a motorcycle race simulation, but still on the early stage of development I think. The downside part is there is no audio when the race is going. But overall, it's nice to try.

Subway Surfing VR

The latest version of Subway Surfing VR, developed by Subway Surfing is v1.4. You need to download the 52MB from PlayStore. The story is, New York City's subway system is flooded because of hurricane. You have to use your surfboard to survive.

Well, there are many more good VR apps out there. But the above are my recommendation.