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TSM Technologies, Indonesia's Local Smartphone Design and Manufacturer

Currently there are many local smartphone brand in Indonesia. Unfortunately, most of them don't design and produce their devices by themselves. They ordered their products from the manufacturers, mostly from China, and they rebrand and sell them in Indonesia.

Axioo, Advan, Polytron and Evercoss are preparing to produce their goods locally. But for the first step, it is only the assembling phase, not yet designing from scratch.

For this purposes, now we have TSM Technologies, an independent design house established by PT Tata Sarana Mandiri. This company can design everything, starting from the PCB layout, product design, operating system, interface, to the softwares.

The good news for the end users like us is, if we purchase a gadget that is designed and produced locally and then we break them, it will be easier and faster to repair because everything is done inside the country, including the spare parts manufacturing.

Of course, TSM doesn't produce the CPU and the chipset yet, like Qualcomm, Intel, and the others. But if their business is getting bigger, it is possible, right?