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Cheapest Android Smartphone from LG

Shocking news from LG. They provide the most inexpensive smartphone in the world, the LG Lucky LG16 only at 9,82 USD or around Rp134.000. Is it good?

Not bad actually. For that extrimely cheap price for a smartphone, you can get an Android 4.4 KitKat device complete with Wi-Fi and 3G conenctivity.

The screen size is rather small, only at 3,8 inch and only have 3MP main camera on the back. But that is not bad considering the price.

The bad part is, the device only sold at Walmart. One of the biggest retail store in the US. Not here. Damn! No wonder. To be that cheap, this model is sponsored by TracFone Wireless, a prepaid wireless service provider in the country.

Interested? Chek it out, here.