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OnePlus X, Priced at Rp3,999 Million

For some reasons, OnePlus 2 failed to enter Indonesian market. But to cope with that, the fast growing Chinese smartphone manufacturer preparing another version of their latest device, the OnePlus X.

OnePlus already confirmed that the device will be available through online stores in December 2015 at Rp3,999,000. The most intriguing part is, this device supports 4G LTE, both on FDD and TDD!

No idea how this can be done. FYI, one of the main reason OnePlus 2 was cancelled to be distributed in Indonesia because of 4G LTE regulation. But this one, who has also 4G LTE support can enter the market? Hmm..

One more thing, different from the 2016 flagship killer, OnePlus X is far from a killer. Even for 2015 standard.

Ok, they have all 4G LTE bands. But, they only provide Snapdragon 801, Gorilla Glass 3, 13MP camera, 16GB of internal storage and 2500mAh battery.

At the price of almost Rp4 million? I prefer go with Padfone S PF500KL with 3GB RAM. It's only cost us Rp2,999,000, or around 25% cheaper, we will get an almost identical spec and performance. I don't think this one is THAT worthed.