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Indonesia Preparing Smartphone Manufacturing Center

The Indonesian Ministry of Industry is planning to make Batam as a smartphone and mobile application design center. The plan will start within this year by developing a Techno Park.

Batam was chosen because there are many electronic component manufacturer on the island that's very suitable to support the plan.

According to the government official, the design center will have certification body, training center for smartphone manufacturing, all the way to design testing facility. All of the component such as processor and other hardwares are also to be manufactured there.

Other than hardware, the Batam Techno Park will also become the center for software developers. Especially for the softwares that will be used on the smartphone.

From the manufacturer's side, Batam Techno Part will make them easier to comply the government regulations. Because design and software that are built by local workforce will be counted to the minimum of 30% local contents. Especially for 4G LTE devices.

The next Silicon Valley? I really hope so.