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Android One is Not Perform Well in the Market

After being launched in 2014, according to the report, the low cost smartphone initiative is not doing very well. In India, less than 1 million Android One handset have been sold in the country. The rumor said that because the low spec that the manufacturers offered to the users.

In Indonesia, the status of Android One project is not so different, eventhough it might be better than in India. One of the main problem for Evercoss One X, Nexian Journey 1, and Mito Impact A10 is that mostly they are focusing to sell at online stores. While the fact is, Indonesian users still prefers to go to phone shops, see and hold and play the demo units with their hands before buying the product.

But the slow selling of Android One doesn't make Google quit their campaign. According to Google, they will carefully identify their errors and taking steps to make it right.

Hopefully their Android Two will be so much better. A decent spec, good price, and availability on the market. Not only at online stores.