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LG G4 Sales is Not So Good

Among the top smartphone manufacturers, only Apple that is laughing very hard, right now. Their fiercest competitors from Korea, Samsung and LG is not performing very well in the market, especially with their top flagship phone.

The latest report from G for Games, since their official launch in their homeland, South Korea three months ago, LG has only managed to sell around 240.000 units of G4. For your information, Samsung has sold 1,3 million S6 and S6 Edge. iPhone 6 duo? Only around 61,2 million units per three months. Not bad, right?

The poor sales figure of LG G4 was said because the end users disappointed with the latest flagship. No significant difference from the previous iteration, but with upgraded price.

Previously, LG was planning to sell 70 million smartphones in 2015, and 12 million of them are G4. With the current condition, I think they need to revise that target.

Too bad. Another great phone gone bad. Just like my favorite quote said: In the end, there could be only one. Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander. Apple iPhone.