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LENOVO K50-T5 Vibe UI ROM Android 5.1 Free Download

ROM Mobile LENOVO K50-T5 - ROM Android 5.1
Update ROM LENOVO K50-T5 Version: VIBEUI_V2.8_1533_7.172.1_DEV_K50-T5_WCB8 ( Developer version ) – Android 5.1
LENOVO K50-T5 Vibe UI ROM Android 5.1 Free Download

Security center
Added – Added "application lock" feature
Added – Added "add a key clean-up icons to the desktop" feature
Added – Support for leisure traffic settings
New – HOME increase "Settings" button
Optimization – Strengthening harassment intercept
Repair – to solve the time to send a multimedia message after a successful operation to stop the Security Center issues
Repair – resolved to play the video and play games in the process, the probability of occurrence of a security center to stop running problems
Repair – solve a key clean-up and clean-up space when scanning Caton problems
Boot animation
Optimization – using the new Lenovo boot animation program
Repair – to solve the restart the phone, the emergence of duplicate contacts problem
Repair – to solve the association life classification "surroundings" display problems
Repair – to solve the data flow after switching card one card two in "to show contacts", the display is wrong issues
Repair – appear to solve the probabilistic problem of MMS can not be sent successfully
Repair – solves the album, switching occurs when the slide view and grid view flash back problems
Repair – solved in the headphones plugged in, do not open the speaker can not use the side keys to adjust the recording volume of the issue
Repair – to solve the problem of the search input box no cursor
Notification Center
Repair – to solve the situation in the notification bar background wallpaper black under, can not see the problem of power and signal icons
Repair – to solve the WiFi error rate showed a problem
Repair – Solved After opening the power-saving assistant, can not connect to the network in question
Repair – solved after notification center had to switch screens display unusual problems
Topic Center
Repair – solve clicking topic font, abnormal problem
System Settings
Optimization – "personal hotspot" name changed to "mobile hotspot"
Optimization – Perfection SIM card management solutions, improve operational experience
Repair – to solve the set tones, the probability of the emergence of sound and vibration stop running issue
Repair – to solve the quenching screen dimmed again when the screen is always the first question blackened
Repair – to solve the input settings interface will appear on the lock screen problem
Repair – to solve the time-line live YY voice tone noise problems arise