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92% of Industry Profits in Q1 2015 Goes to Apple

Amazing. According to Wall Street Journal's research, Apple acquired 92% all smartphone industry profits in Q1 2015. For your reference, they only get 65% of the industry's operating income last year.

This profits happened even when they only sell less then 1/5 of smartphone, worldwide. In total, there are about 1.000 companies in the world are participating in the smartphone business.

High price, of course, is the main reason why Apple is so dominating in terms of profits, compared to the others. Currently, the average price of iPhone is Rp8,76 million. Meanwhile, the average of Android smartphone prices are Rp2,46 million. It means that iPhones are 3,5 times more expensive than Android smartphones and people still buying them.

To be honest, If I'm rich enough to buy an iPhone, I think I still choose Android. I don't want my money goes to the rich people :P